Jessie Willms

Designer, developer, digital storyteller.



As a newsroom developer, I write DRY, reusable code to produce smart content — including inforgraphics, data visualizations and interactive projects - on tight deadlines.

I marry what I know about code with what I know about storytelling to create thoughtful, comprehensive news experiences for digital platforms.

Core abilities:

Ability to design and code projects on all digital platforms, including mobile/tablet devices.

Ability to quickly visualize complex data.

Ability to write DRY, reuseable code, including HTML, CSS, jQuery/Javascript.

Experience using Adobe Creative Suite (specifically, InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

A quick learn + team player.



  • Design

  • Infographics design/ data visualizations, responsive web design.

  • Great with

  • HTML5, CSS3/Sass, jQuery, APIs.

  • Tools

  • Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Git/Github.

  • Good with

  • JavaScript, WordPress, APIs, Git/Github

Learning/okay with: D3.js, Google spreadsheets as a lightweight backend, Mapbox/Google Maps


Work experience.

The Toronto Star

Digital designer, September 2014—present

Responsible for: creating mobile-friendly content on tight deadlines (usually same day) for digital platforms.

Work includes infographics, quizzes, timelines, maps, and interactives.

Designer/developer, June 2010—September 2014.

Responsible for: creating compelling infographics — both serious analysis and Hill hilarity — interactive content, advertisments, and the occasional print product.


Student, April 2014—June 2014.

Learned: HTML5, CSS3/Sass, Javascript/jQuery, responsive design, working with APIs, and usng Git/Github.

Ladies Learning Code, HackerYou

Mentor, June 2014—present

Volunteer mentor during introduction Ladies Leaning Code's introduction to HTML/CSS workshops; partnered with a HackerYou bootcamp student as a mentor.


Sample work.

  • Graphics

  • Toronto Star

    Ice storm by the numbers. View live.

    Inforgraphic design


    Responsive design

  • Quiz

  • Toronto Star

    Toronto aerial photo quiz. View live.



    Responsive design

  • Microsite


    Miner Opposition feature site. View live.



    Responsive design

  • Web app

  • HackerYou

    Rijksmuseum API art app. View live.

    jQuery & Javascript


    JSON/API requests

More work.

Timeline → View it live.

Housing graphic → View it live

Travel Australia guide → View it live.

Just for fun → Spot the difference: Paul Calandra vs. Doug Ford View it live.

Just for fun → Spot the difference: Trudeau vs. Bieber: Who’s In Over His Head? View it live.

Bonus: Dribbble to Codepen post → View it live.




full resume available here.